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The Martianary Preview

Posted by Chris Llyod on Monday, December 20, 2010, In : Status update 
I am proud that I got this out to my fans, ,So I will see how it will do and then later on finish it. So if the response is good. U will see the complete Martianary sooner than you think.
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Lil Kim Diss (part 3)

Posted by Chris Llyod on Sunday, December 19, 2010, In : Rap (Lyrics) 
I got the bars that make you want to bar out,
B*tch your tittess went from zoom in to zoom out,
Like Nicki said I'll beat you with a pad lock,
She been running this game since she burst out of web-lock,
Nicki Minaj wrote warning for a reason,
b*tch get on the floor and start to get to pleasing,
U try to be a freaky girl, but we don't want a picking girl,
all we want is a Nicki girl, that can always please the d*ck in her world,
Kimmy, Nicki got you, but we don't want to fight you,
all we want to say i...
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Lil Kim diss (part 2)

Posted by Chris Llyod on Sunday, December 19, 2010, In : Rap (Lyrics) 
Lil Kim say's she's the baddest b*tch alive,
B*tch you were born with 2 boobs on your left side,
Diddy told me you always got b*tch around,
Thats what happens when a b*tch comes to town,
Your my little flat bord, because your ass is flat,
Thats what happens when a b*tch is wack,
Wack wack like that face you so call got,
Step back b*tch cuz u can't stand in the spot,
Like that spot Nicki going to take you,
So them niggas in Brooklyn can pop your top!!!
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We have Fan Haters in the building!!!!

Posted by Chris Llyod on Tuesday, December 14, 2010, In : Status update 
This chick @iloveairmax is hating on Chris Lloyd an Maci!!!!!! Get in that ass. Fans she is just impossible!!!!1
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lil Kim (Diss)

Posted by Chris Llyod on Monday, December 13, 2010, In : Rap (Lyrics) 
Who the fuck lil kim think she is, pu**y bigger than santa's old mistrisess,
Somebody call Biggy Smalls to come get his chick,before I turn around and have to murder that b*tch,
lil kim I think I saw you in Nortrius, riding Biggys dic* like your name was Victrius,
Hop up off that dic* and come and get your sh*t,
don't forget to get a wet wipe to wipe your click!!!!!

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Nicki Minaj (Song Lists)

Posted by Chris Llyod on Monday, December 13, 2010, In : Nicki Minaj 
I just feel like posting some of  songs. I can't pick becuase I love them all. hahahahah

  1. Roman Revages
  2. Your Love
  3. Last Chance
  4. Muny
  5. Super Bass
  6. Check it out
  7. Save me
  8. Moment of life
  9. Click Clack
  10. Girls fall like Domainoes
  11. Chase me
  12. Old Nicki

Just a couple I wanted to post.

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