Well it was about 20 of us. It lasted for about 4 hours. But for 3 hours, a lady talk to us, and we had to stand the hole time. I almost past out. I did not eat at all before the adution, so I keep walking out to get water. But after she explain everything for 3 hours. The last hour was the fashion show and we had to read our stripe they gave us. Oh we took head shots to. I will be getting them tomorrow. But the stripe I read was:

( I love lifesavers candies. There's a roll of fun in every pack and they come in lots of flavors too.
Get your lifesavers today...it makes being a kid delicious!! )

Thats what I had to read. Then we had to walk on the run-way. I did good. I had like that swagger/nice boy look and walk going on. And here is a picture of what I was wearing. But 10 people got cut, and I made it to the next round. So now we have a meeting tomorrow at 7:30. But I really don't know what it is for. So stay tuned. =)