I-Search Interview by Chris Johnson

Ceary is the guest star from Millbrook High School.


Chris: What do you think about Nicki Minaj?

Ceary: I like her, she is a little nasty for little girls to watch her, but she has good music.


Chris: Would you every get butt implants? Why?

Ceary: No, I like my butt the way it always has been.


Chris: As a fan of her music, do you think she is one of the best/unique female rappers alive?

Ceary: Best no, but unique yes. There have been a lot of better female rappers like Eve, Queen Latifa and MC Lyte, but I like how she put her own crazy style in to your appearance. 


Chris: Who do you think is a better rapper, Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj? Why?

Ceary: Nicki Minaj, because she can flow with her music better.


Chris: Would you buy her album or download it off of frost wire? Why?

Ceary: No, I would not buy her album or download. I am a fan of her music but not that big of a fan, when I hear it on the radio that’s good enough for me.


Chris: What do you thin about Nicki being bisexual?

Ceary: That’s so nasty. I respect her but I am not down for that. She is to pretty and can get any boy she wants to.


Chris: Do you think being bisexual is hurting or helping her career?

Ceary: Well, it’s not hurting her since she is still around, so I guess it is helping her. She is still sealing music.