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 The Martianary is a dictionary for my fans to see how a Martian speeks, and how it looks like on Mars. Now this language is one of a kind because it is coming from me. I really would get in trouble if I put this up here because we are still doing work on it, but 4 my fans I don't care. So enjoy and learn the Martian anguage.

Left side Martian=Right side English

Aya1= A

Ly2= Away

5R5= Are

25low= Allow

tree50= Art

singleE1= Be

15re= Bear

le80= Bed

Gin100= Big

Gin200= Bigger

EFi= Cat

T5= Care

2W2= Coner

R20= Dad

W13= Did


Tn2= Did'nt

17O2= Dude

2air= Ear

SW= Elf

Ight-up= Fly

OSO= Fear

N20= Fake

go-ton= Got

ge-ten= Get

P50= Goat

O5!= Grand

Double T2= Gotta

A+21= Hat

VH2= Hot

TO25= Head

Double O2= Hood

CO21= Ice

I's2= Isnt

IE2= In

K101= Joke

B2+= Joint

C+2= Jacket

HU^3= Kite

2K2= Karate

25LO= Laugh

Toll1= Lot

y2= Life

W20= Lake

M50= Lock

GO8= Land

0M= Man

M-40= Mean

M2= Made

M-20= Mad

GM10= Mine

IM9= Might

7M8= Most

M70= Must

MW6= Miss

MM5= Mr

M2B= Maybe

NV20= Never

Mid50= Night

PN8= Note

ONN= Naw

N100= Now

0S58= Out

0S855= Outside

Singlef1= of

Double f2= off

O99= over

Ota2= oughta

OPP5= Papa

P29= Pan

P90= Point

IP2= Pen

IP1= Pencil

C30= Pants

C100= Paint

QB1= Queen

Left Side Martian=Right Side English

-Q2= Quit

+Q5= Quick

 R55= Rain

Double B5= Rabbit

R+2= Ran

R+3= Run

R201= Rat

Sa7= Sat

Sa8= Sit

-S301= Sad

Sa9= Set

S250= Salt

S352= Sand

BS1= Sun

BS2= Sunny

-S50= Sick

Be1= Be

Bl05= Belong

B25= Believe

BE2= Bee

Air+1= Bear

BG50= Big

Air+2= Blow

Double L= Balloon

Double E= Between

5BL= Balance

BD60= Blind

ant1= Can't

C88= Can

Cnt-5= Could'nt

COO= Cold

C34= Conor

45C= Cloud

C70= Cuz'en

D75= Dig

D93= Dug


F-8= Dead

F-7= Passed

Dt-20= Don't

Left side Martian=Right side English

BO-10= You is a hoe

-infinity = all bab words combined

B10= I like

B-10= I hate

Bl or ack = Black

Ed= red

low= yellow

Or= orange

ink= Pink

Double P= purple

C12= Whats up

Blue= Blue

BTH= Happy Birthday

SY= Good Day

R5= What it do

-10I= a Hater or Hater

D22= Monday

D23= Tuesday

D24= Wednesday

D25= Thursday

D26= Friday

D27= Saturday

D28= Sunday

C2= to

Dayby2= Tomorrow

Why-20= Why are you a slut!

L-5= Boring

L+1= Easy

L-10= Hard

infiniti L= Fun

Ti= Bless you

Due= Duces

relay= Chill

WO2= Too

Double L= Hell

05= Boy

06= Girl

07= Female

08= Male

M5= Teacher

PT= Person

A1= Cat

AO2= Dog

AO3= Fish

T10= House

T15= Apartment

Capital1= Raleigh

Y20= You 

Tay5= Party Hard

05U= On

Cont= And

TY+2= Thank you

H20= What

01J= January

02F= Feburary

03M= March

04A= April

05M= May

06J= June

07J= July

08A= Auguest

09S= September

0100= October

011N= November

012D= December

GH2= They

Double e= Were

I-2= Not

H1= Martian


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