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My Grades at VUU

November 2, 2011
Well my grades was better than I thought they was going to be, but I could if did better, I got a B in English 101, a B in History 146, a C in Math 115, a D in Sociology 200 and a F in Spanish. I need to bring my grades up, By my final grade I will have a 3.0. I put money on that because I am leaving this school. U feel me,.

Fall Break

November 2, 2011
Fall break was nice and short. I went to Tarboro to see my great grandma and I went to Raleigh to see my other fam. I went to a hunted house in Raleigh and it scared that shit out of my and when I was in there i went with 5 other people. I was so scraed I ran and step on this girl back and this girl face and this dude leg. It was funny and crazy. I had fun for my fall break. Now I am ready for Thanksgiving break.

Fall Break/Mid-terms

October 19, 2011
I am ready for fall break. Going to my home town Tarboro, NC to go stay with my great grandma for fall break. Our last day is the 26 and we get the 27 and 28 plus the weekend for fall break so four days from school will be some good. I have 6 classes in college but I only have i think 2 mid-terms. So thats good. I really didnt feel like taking no big test any way. But idf it can help my grade way not.

OMG, A&T Homecoming

October 19, 2011
Yo, A&T knows how to have a party. I had so much fun for it to only be two days that I was up there. I was with my friends Alexus and Ryan. Ryan goes to A&T so she should us around and we meet some new people that I can say are friends with us now. Oh, and I saw my cuzens Malika and Wanielle. Malika goes to Wiston-Salem and Wanielle graduated from Winston-Salem this year class of 2011. So I had fun, but I know saturday night i can't really reminber nonthing. lol but I guess i have to put the peaces back together. lol

Martian Fi Mars

October 12, 2011
THis group is going to be A&T biggest thing when it hits. I will let you know we are going to have the other groups wanting to mess us up, but who cares about. Who run this planet Martian Fi Mars

Ready for A&T Homecoming

October 10, 2011
For this weekend coming it is A&T homecoming, I wish i was going to the concert but i wited to late. But i am going to the step show and the parade and the football game. Its going to be my home girl Ryan, Alexis and my cuzen Malika. We are going to the club friday and saturday. WIth bottlles on deck. I need a camera crew cuz it is always something when i go out. lol


October 5, 2011
I am glad that I went to school, but I dont think Virginia Unon is the right school for me. I don;t like the way they do things. So I am going to keep my grades looking good and then transfer to A&T for the spring and just finish my school years there. I need to party and live the school life. At VUU they are all about school work, no fun if you ask me. But at A&T I know a couple of people so I will be better than up here and dont know no body.

I-Search Interview by Chris Johnson

May 13, 2011

I-Search Interview by Chris Johnson

Ceary is the guest star from Millbrook High School.


Chris: What do you think about Nicki Minaj?

Ceary: I like her, she is a little nasty for little girls to watch her, but she has good music.


Chris: Would you every get butt implants? Why?

Ceary: No, I like my butt the way it always has been.


Chris: As a fan of her music, do you think she is one of the best/unique female rappers alive?

Ceary: Best no, but unique yes. There have been a lot of better female rappers like Eve, Queen Latifa and MC Lyte, but I like how she put her own crazy style in to your appearance. 


Chris: Who do you think is a better rapper, Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj? Why?

Ceary: Nicki Minaj, because she can flow with her music better.


Chris: Would you buy her album or download it off of frost wire? Why?

Ceary: No, I would not buy her album or download. I am a fan of her music but not that big of a fan, when I hear it on the radio that’s good enough for me.


Chris: What do you thin about Nicki being bisexual?

Ceary: That’s so nasty. I respect her but I am not down for that. She is to pretty and can get any boy she wants to.


Chris: Do you think being bisexual is hurting or helping her career?

Ceary: Well, it’s not hurting her since she is still around, so I guess it is helping her. She is still sealing music.


New Classes

January 25, 2011
Well its second sesmester and I am kinda bord of going to these lame classes, I will have to Martian Fly them up. But my lunch is First lunch and it is so pack. It dont make no sence.

700 Hits today

January 20, 2011
I just reach 700 hits today on my site. 01/19/2011 at 11:49pm. (Wednesday) Watching Family Guy when Stewie skills his mom. lmfao
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